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Privacy policy

Inqueue (we hereafter) is fully committed to respecting the privacy of each user of our service. This data protection policy describes in detail how information you enter or we gather are treated. Please read the following policy carefully. This data protection policy only covers the use of the service provided by the web pages served at inqueue.org and all subdomains here of. We only gather the absolute necessary information to be able to provide the advertised services.

Responsible for data protection


We use the following terms describing users of our service:

Gathering of information

We store the following personal information if you are a user or domain.


We use cookies which are text files stored on device of visitors with the purpose of recognising returning users, recalling personal settings and general optimization of the user experience. The cookies do not contain harmful informations. By accepting the terms in this data protection policy you agree to cookies being created on your device.


If you, as a user, is affiliated/registered with a domain that involves pay per use, informations are shared with the respective domain admin for accounting purposes.

The informations shared (digitally) are:

User to user information

To provide the service we offer, your contact information is shared with other domain users when engaged with the service. This provides informations necessary for communication between domain users related to the use of our service. If you are an unauthorized user on a public domain, only usernames and timestamps are publicly visible. Information shared among active and registered users on the same domain are:

Edit personal information

You can edit your user information on the site. It is your responsibility to:


We have made many technical and organizational measures to ensure that your information are not accidentally or illegally deleted, published or know by unauthorized, abused or treated in conflict with the law.

Data storage

Your personal information are either kept at inqueue or on data storage under the command of inqueue. No physical copies are stored. User information are copied and digitally stored as backup in case of failure to restore service. Only the last 14 days are stored as backup.


We store user information as long as needed to provide the service advertised. We store user data related to accounting for up to five years. In some situations, information is kept for a longer time eg. cases of complaints or compensation. In those cases information is kept until the individual case is closed.


You have certain rights related to the law on data protection including:

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights please contact our staff responsible for data protection.